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This is a site for those of us Monster girl Encyclopedia lovers to come and Role Play, make characters, Fanfiction or Fanlore. You can help make the site grow by doing these type of things, and making new ideas and concepts to suggest to others. It is appreciated if you read the Rules in advance.

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Well in short this is a fanon site for the Monster Girl Encyclopedia and related works. After learning that no such site exsisted for the series I decided to make one myself for the fans of the series. Not to mention that I am quite fond of monster girls myself, but then again i know several dozen people that are borderline obsessed. . . -Krystal Hydralisk 

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In light of the recent attacks by user's from other chat's I'd like to make a announcement. Please do not post this link in other chat's from now on. It be best if this site was found naturally... -Munchydragon


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