The Yata-Garasu is a subspecies of Harpy that was dicovered to in habit Cyraque.A Yata-Garasu was formed when a Harpy entered Cyraque and was infused with it's abnormal energy.Possesing incredible  speed and agility,not even the best archers could land a hit on it.

After the current Demon lord took over,being infused with Succubus's energy their goals changed from"Eating human flesh to survive'to 'Feasting on human semen and creating offsprings'

When they find a mate they take him to their nest and continue to have sex with them until they make an egg.An egg usually takes a  day or two  Of continous procreation to make.


Even thou they vary in size and colour depends on the individual themost common ones are:

Neck-long purple hair.They have  purple to black wings that end in a black talon.They have violet fluffy legs.

Habitat:Ceriaque mountains,hills

Disposition:Calm,Lustfull(when not married),Calm,Loving,Cuddly(when married)

Diet:Human semen,small criters


"Look up here boy"

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